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1 GrumL’Affriole is a little gem you want to keep secret but you just have to share. This tiny restaurant is a safe choice for those who are tired of never ending food innovation.
The atmosphere was warm, we almost felt at home in this neo-bistro setting.

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The bread comes from the nearby bakery. But this is not any bakery. Secco, located rue Jean Nicot in the 7th arrondissement, is one of the best in Paris. But let’s get back to our business.
I started with pig’s feet croquettes, served with a bearnaise sauce. Obviously it’s fat, but what a stunning dish. The breadcrumb was amazing and the inside would have turned any vegetarian into a meat lover.

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The salmon rolls were not equally irresistible. It came with a delicate beet froth. This was a big disappointment after the delicious appetizers. The seasoning was disastrous and the whole plate was rather bland. Too bad because the dough was tasty.
The beet froth did not save face. The consistency was not really exciting and it was too salty.

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As for desserts, the waffles were solid but not quite successful. They came with a chocolate and carambar sauce, perfect for those of you, who are, like me craving for regressive desserts.
To make up for the average dessert, the coffees we were served came withs delicious sweets that were definitely to be remembered. The orange blossom flavoured marshmallows were surprisingly spongy and the coffee/chocolate/vanilla creams were deliciously simple.

alt="Affriole Gaufres " We’ve clearly been more impressed in the past but this place keeps a lot of its appeal. What about the price? It’s quite a deal  to have lunch at l’Affriole considering – €32 lunchtime prix fixe for appetizer/entrée/ dessert – makes it even more likable.

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17 Rue Malar
75007 Paris
+33 (01) 44 18 31 33

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