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1 Grumalt="La Petite Rose"Going to La Petite Rose is a bit like going to Japan except you don’t need to leave Paris as the cute pastry shop owned and founded by Miyuki Watanabe is located right next to the Parc Monceau.
But don’t expect any typical pastries from Japan here: no red beans and no mochis, unlike fellow Japanese expat Aoki. Here you’ll find classical French delicacies including mont blanc, éclair and millefeuille. She perfected her technics with Gerard Mulot, one of the best pastry chef in France (we loved his wonderful orange tart).

La Petite Rose makes a solid Paris-Brest: the pastry is well-executed and the light pralin cream convinced us (a bit too light though). It’s probably one of the best you can find in Paris, but it doesn’t really compete with the mind-blowing Paris-Brest from Jacques Genin.

alt="Paris Brest La Petite Rose"

We came back the following day to la Petite Rose to try the lemon pie. This one reaches another level: we loved the rich and dense lemon curd. The pastry was crunchy and balanced very well with the lemon.

alt="Tarte citron La Petite Rose"

We couldn’t leave the pastry shop without a last one, the chou was a good compromise after two rich pastries. The chou made by la Petite Rose is very different from the one we tried at Popelini, this surprising shop we reviewed recently and which makes only choux.
Unlike the fancy version from Popelini, this one is made of a simple sphere of chou pastry cut in two and filled with a vanilla cream. The filling is amazing but the chou must have spent a few days in the shop and was not fresh enough to our taste.

alt="Chou La Petite Rose"

La Petite Rose is really worth a visit if you’re in the Parc Monceau area. Don’t pass on the lemon pie and the Paris-Brest, forget about the choux. You’ll find other traditiional French pastries on the menu. Prices are not too high with individual pastries costing about €4 each, which is a lot less than the ones made by Conticini, Dalloyau or Laduree.
Opening hours are from 10 am to 7.30 pm. Closed on Wednesdays.

11 boulevard de Courcelles
75008 Paris
01 45 22 07 27

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