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In English, the quote of Marie Antoinette is often translated as “Let them eat cake!” because no American pastry comes close to the French brioche. You can find the beloved brioche in every bakery in Paris. To be correct, brioche is viennoiserie, meaning it falls into the same category as croissant, danish, and beignet.

alt="A la petite marquise brioche" We went to La Petite Marquise (maison Fenet), a wonderful bakery in the 15th arrondissement where they are getting really serious about brioche. It was light and buttery all at once. Each time we eat all our brioche before having the opportunity to turn it into French toasts; actually it would be a shame to bake it like that.
We loved toasting it and spreading butter on it. Some eat it with foie gras while others make delicious French Toast with it. No matter what you do with your brioche, we highly recommend you the one we had at the Petite Marquise.

50 Avenue de la Motte-Picquet
75015 Paris

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