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2 Grumalt="La Briqueterie restaurant Vinay"Don’t be afraid by the old fashioned name of the restaurant and its remote location, La Briqueterie is one of the best gastronomic address in Champagne. You remember the name, right? We already talked about La Briqueterie a few days ago, because it’s also an outstanding hotel. Back to business, let’s talk about our diner there.
The view itself is quite something and the environment too since it’s only a few miles away from Epernay where you’ll find beautiful champagne vineyards. We arrived early at the restaurant, we really wanted a table on the terrace, it was a success.
In the kitchen, the head chef at La Briqueterie is Michaël Nizzero, coming straight from Belgium.

Parmesan cream was very light and came with fresh amuses to start with.
My friend didn’t order anything as an appetizer but they were kind enough to get us a small version of another starter, tomatoes gaspacho and peaches. Perfect for a hot summer night.

alt="La Briqueterie Vinay"

I started off with a generous slice of foie gras, and in its heart, a sort of apricot jam. There was also an almonds puree coming with the foie gras.
The foie gras has been well prepared, the taste is not sour or too salty. I’m more dubious concerning the puree, the texture was slightly too granular to my taste.

alt="La Briqueterie Foie Gras"

The roasted lobster from Britanny was well cooked and the portion was generous as well. It was flambé and served with a chickpeas puree. The latter is smooth and perfectly seasoned, I used to have some every week as a child, I don’t need to tell you it brings back special memories in me.
Eating lobster so far from the Ocean may seem absurd but this one is delicious, just as combining it with chickpeas puree.

alt="La Briqueterie Homard"

I had the John Dory, which has been snacked, and no too cooked. It came with a lime and carrots puree, which gave a nice twist to the delicate John Dory fillet. The whole dish is quite tangy and tonic, our only disappointment was the artichoke sauce which could have been more flavorful.

alt="La Briqueterie Vinay Epernay"

My dessert seemed very surprising at first sight, candied tomatoes on a bed of red berries and, last but not least, an arugula salad espuma. Tomatoes were incredibly flavorful, I love being surprised by creative desserts but this one overcame my hopes. I won’t forget it though it was not as fancy as it sounds like.

alt="La Briqueterie dessert"

My friend had a raspberry and citrus soufflé which was excellently executed yet another good combination of flavors. Neither the citrus nor the raspberry overwhelms the other flavor. It came with a sesame nougatine, for a crispy touch to the whole.

alt="La Briqueterie dessert"

The staff is very efficient and not oppressing.
All in all, La Briqueterie might be one of the best restaurants in the Champagne region, so highly recommend you to stop by and have more than a glass of champagne. And it’s actually good value for money considering it’s a Michelin star restaurant (full menu starting at €60 and mains around €40). For more information on booking, prices and menu at La briqueterie, click here.

4 Rte de Sézanne
51530 Vinay
03 26 59 99 99

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