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2 GrumKunitoraya’s new opening is located a few block away from the first restaurant. Harder to find, Kunitoraya 2 is nested in a tiny street of the 1st arrondissement. It kept the vintage bistro setting of the former occupants. I feared they would also keep the menu but I found the same tempting selections that you can get at Kunitorya.

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Donburi Ten Don. A generous portion of rice topped with shrimps and vegetables tempura. There’s a lot to eat here but I was disappointed because there was only a couple shrimps fritters for such a big portion of rice. Too bad because the shrimps were very fresh, and the fritter’s crust wass rather light and not too greasy. It perfectly kept the vegetables’ taste.
The dish was substantial, and the fritters/rice association was a surprising hit.

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Clams udon for my pal. He’s an apunctunrist who handles chopsticks as easily as he does with needles on his patients’ bodies. The udon seemed to please him very much as he remained silent for a few minutes while slurping the broth.
The seasoning was right on point, the clams were fresh and shiny, and the handmade Udon were stunning.

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The prices are not steep considered the top quality of the products. Kunitoraya 2 is probably a very good deal for those of you craving Japanese food in Paris.
To know hours and menus, click here.

5, rue Villedo
+ 33 1 47 03 07 74

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