KARAKOY GULLUOGLU baklavas | Beyoglu, Istanbul


1 GrumA food trip to Istanbul shouldn’t make you think only about Turkish delights and kebabs, it also means baklava. We rushed into a baklava place called Karakoy Gulluoglu soon after crossing the Galata Bridge as we were freezing and looking desperately for some rich and savory delicacies.
The place is always busy and with so many types of baklavas to choose from that we found ourselves dizzy trying to figure out the system. The staff is not very warm and we briefly thought it was just an overhyped touristy shop.


But the baklavas were actually very well executed, the puff pastry was greasy enough with intense flavors of pistachio and almonds. We tried a few other baklava places in Istanbul, but Karakoy Gulluoglu ones are among the best we had, fresh and tasteful. Yet be wise and don’t overindulge in these baklavas like we did. They’re heavy, very heavy to be honest.
Le Grumeau knows for sure that you’re a master when it comes to speak Turkish, so click here to know more about Karakoy Gulluoglu baklavas.

Mumhane Cad. No:171
Karakoy, Istanbul – Turquie

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