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2 GrumA cocktail bar called Josephine is pretty unusual and mysterious. Once I got in Josephine Bar, I found that the name was actually very relevant: it’s classy and intimist with a hint of artistry.
More important, Josephine – Caves Parisiennes, as its full name goes, should not be compared to the host of braggart Parisian bars, where bartenders will look down at you if you dare asking what is cachaça. It was much different at Josephine, the staff is rather friendly and professional.
We went with a Josephine (chartreuse, calvados, lime, absinthe and grapefruit zest), it was well done and not as strong as I was expecting.

alt="Josephine Bar Paris"As we started being hungry, and because we’re very healthy and we know you shouldn’t drink without eating, we gave a try to a salty snack. Yet we were not brave enough to order something too fancy. The shrimps, beets and cucumber appetizer was pretty solid, very fresh and tasty.
Josephine Bar is definitely worth the hype, it’s so rare to find quality food in most of Parisian bars.

alt="Josephine Bar Paris" The atmosphere is very different depending you’re in the main bar or in the backroom, where we enjoyed the quietness of a Wednesday evening. But I’ve heard it was usually packed later in the week as the owners regularly invite bands and electro artists.
You know everything now, Josephine is a solid cocktail bar in Paris for a bargain: good cocktails for €10 have become rares species in Paris. To know more about Josephine Bar and its hours, click here.

JOSEPHINE – Caves Parisiennes
25 Rue Moret, 75011 Paris
01 48 07 16 70

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