JEAN-PAUL HEVIN, great pastries and stratospheric chocolates


2 GrumJean-Paul Hevin is one of the best chocolate makers in France. Yet, he’s not as famous as La Maison du Chocolat, not as eccentric as Patrick Roger, not as outgoing as Jacques Génin. It’s a shame because not only his chocolates are marvellous but also his pastries.
We had a shot at the lemon pie, which was not as intense as the one made by Genin but creamier and softer in a sense. It’s litteraly melting in your mouth. What about the Rocher praliné? This is a French chocolate classic, and just as anything including chocolate, Hevin executes it with great skills: I loved the flavorful chocolate coating revealing a praline heart.
The best thing about a Rocher is that you can keep it in your bag as a late afternoon snack (otherwise you can eat it as soon as you buy it).

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231 rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris
Autres adresses : 75006 (Vavin) et 75007 (La Motte Picquet)
Quartiers : Tuileries/Vavin/La Motte Picquet


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