JEAN-FRANCOIS PIEGE trapped us in his gastronomic restaurant


3 GrumLast week, we headed to the busy rue Saint-Dominique, climbed up a flight of stairs and found ourselves trapped in a delightful decor. Trapped for an amazing meal at Jean-François Piège gastronomic restaurant, as you can see it was a succession of delicious surprises.



Jean-François Piège strives to offer a very personal conception of what eating means. Doesn’t this bread mouillette reminds you childhood memories when you used to dip the sauce of a good dish? But nothing is regressive, Piege succeeds in transcending simple food into real gastronomy.

Appetizers were fabulous : the quails eggs with anchovies juice are well balanced; the jambon-beurre-cornichon (the French equivalent to bacon egg and cheese) is an ode to sandwich and the puffed burrata pizza topped by a black truffle slice is quite something.  piege2

We loved this watercress veloute with brown butter and Parmesan cheese. The whole thing is hidden under a smoked herring emulsion which gives a great texture and bitterness to the soup.  GIFPIEGE

Mackerel and potatoes were another pleasant surprise, a great combination of earth and iodine flavors. It came with horseradish breadcrumbs that we dipped into dots of carrot and herbs juices. piegesauce piege12

Then came the real dishes: this Lauris asparagus which stands proudly in the middle of the place is still slightly crunchy and comes with black truffle zests which combines well with the delicate asparagus. Then we had a Saint-Pierre fillet, it came with a great tangy juice and uber-thin mushrooms slices. platspiege


No one told us Jean-François Piège was such a desserts master. Look at this re-invention of the ile flottante, one was the most traditional French dessert. The pictures speak for themselves, the vanilla cream inside is one of the best we’ve ever had.



Shall we come back ?

Don’t think twice, make a reservation at Jean-Francois Piege gastronomic restaurant. It’s such a different experience from what we’re used to have in Paris. And the price tag? €99 for such a good meal is a real steal. 


JEAN-FRANÇOIS PIÈGE • 79 Rue Saint-Dominique 75007 Paris Quartier : Invalides/Tour-Maubourg/Alma/Saint-Dominique


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