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2 GrumWe love Jacques Genin chocolates, it’s been five years that he opened his own shop in the Marais. Compared to most pastry shops, he’s a newby on the Parisian scene. But Genin is not exactly a young rising star: he used to be the chocolates supplier for a dozen of luxury restaurants and French palaces.
Then he decided decided he would stand on his own feet. 
Best decision he ever made, our lives (almost) changed when we tried his Millefeuille. But don’t forget about Jacques Genin chocolates, they’re among the best in Paris.
We simply adored the 35 chocolates pieces box we got — actually a good angel made us this great gift — and we didn’t regret tasting them avidly.

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The flavors are very classic, nothing too extravagant. But sometimes you don’t want to have a wasabi flavored chocolates. Sometimes you just want to stick to the traditional flavors. If this time has come for you, rush to Jacques Genin shop. Our favorites were the pralines. Don’t get me wrong he also makes more original flavors, like the rosemary which is so delicate and delightfully fresh and bright that it was love at first bite. And second. And third.
They will also provide you with insulated bags which are great in the summer when the heat would instantly alter the flavors of Jacques Genin chocolates.
For more information about Jacques Genin chocolates and the hours of opening of his shop, click here.

133, rue de Turenne
75003 Paris
+33 (0)1 45 77 29 01

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