MIZNON, street food for riches in Paris


1 GrumMiznon is the last trendy street food joint in Paris. The chef comes from Tel Aviv, Israel, and mainly does pita and falafels in his new Paris outpost.
The decor is very neat, we love this kind of industrial vintage look although there’s a feeling of déja vu. We got a beef bourguignon pita and a lamb shurot (which is supposed to be smaller than a pita).


Don’t get us wrong, the meat and the seasoning was excellent. I loved how they reinvented the boeuf bourguignon into a pita, it really reminded me of this fantastic French dish.  The price and the portions were not so great. My wallet is not ready to put down €11.50 for a half size pita.  For the same price you get a whole prix fixe at the Daily Syrien which is a true gem. What about the lamb shurot? Same deal, it’s really tasty but  €4 for a single bite was nothing more than a rip-off.

alt="miznon boeuf bourguignon"

Last thing we had was the grilled cauliflower, which we found very well cooked though it was a bit minimalist. All in all, we’re big fans of isreali street food, but Paris deserves more than that.



22 Rue des Ecouffes
75004 Paris
Quartier : Saint-Paul/Hôtel de Ville/Marais


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