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1 GrumOver the past years, I’ve become a a frequent customer of Il Laboratorio Del Gelato whenever I’m down in Lower East Side. My pal was sort of put off by the aesthetics when we entered as it seemed you walked into a real research laboratory. Actually the owner, Jon Snyder, opened Il Laboratorio to create new recipes of ice-creams for New-York chefs. The interiors are white, the uniforms are white, and so on. They’re trying hard with their minimlastic design but it’s still very sterile and the metal seating looks cold and uncomfortable.
The gelato are a true wonder though. They have a creative selection of flavors like fuji apple, avocado or even black sesame. No worries, all the classics are there too. We tried a couple of them and did not regret our little journey to the Laboratorio.

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We went with fig and lime. They came in a a nice plastic cup for about $4.25. The fig had a good flavor but a little bland, and the lime was actually more flavorful. The texture was really refreshing, perfect for a hot spring afternoon.
They also serve espresso, but this place is all about the gelato. You should really go with ice-cream flavors and not sorbets as they’re really more tasty. For good and intense sorbets, we prefered Grom, where the limited range of ingredients allow them to be more careful about the quality of the gelato sorbets.
If you want to know where to buy Il Laboratorio Del Gelato’s ice creams, the hours and the flavors, click here ici.

alt="Il Laboratorio des Gelato"

188 Ludlow St
(entre Houston St & Stanton St)
New York, NY 10002

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