Barbarac, cheap ice-creams in St-Tropez. True Story


1 GrumWho could think we could find more than decent ice cream in St-Tropez? If you head to the marina where all the luxurious yachts are parked, you’ll probably notice this gelato spot with a strange name, Barbarac. The price tag was surprisingly cheap considering the location, I almost choked when I was asked to pay €4 when I was expecting to drop my holidays budget on this ice-cream. 


They usually have 20 to 30 flavors on sale, some of them are really creative, like kinder bueno, but most of them lean on the traditional side. The line is not too long, nothing compared to Ample Hills at least. The straciatella was very creamy with generous chunks of dark chocolate, though we’d loved the flavors to be more clear-cut. The pecan macadamia was flawless, not sickening at all.
We’ve not found better gelato joint in St-Tropez yet. Tell us if you did, but I bet you’ll agree with us.

2 Rue Gen Allard
83990 Saint-Tropez, France


  • 6.5
  • 6.5

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