3 GrumGuy Savoy is among the best gastronomic restaurants in Paris. When we went there a few weeks ago, it was one of the last nights the French chef was cooking rue Troyon, in the 17th arrondissement before his big move to the left bank, at the Hotel de la Monnaie. But don’t worry for us, there was no moving boxes in the dining room and the whole decor had not been removed yet. The decor is not surprising, classy and confidential though there were fantastic modern art paintings hanged on the walls.
We started off with a few amuses, very delicate as you can see.

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As an appetizer, I started with a classic, Guy Savoy artichoke soup. It comes with shaved Parmesan cheese and truffles. The soup is sublime and the flavors of artichoke combine perfectly with the truffles and the Parmesan. A true hit.
And don’t forget to bite into the generous slice of mushroom brioche provided on the side.

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My pal had the crab with multi-colored beetroot variation. This dish is actually a newcomer on the menu. The thin slices of beetroots were a real pleasure for our eyes, but also for our palates!
The beetroots had a sweet note that we really appreciated and matched very well with the iodized taste of crab meat.

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Then I had the “surf and turf” lamb. The dish includes the best of lamb meat: saddle, rack and shoulder. First, the shoulder and the saddle came with flavorful razor clams which have been cooked on a griddle and a few gnocchi. The lamb were perfectly browned. The meat was almost melting.
The lamb rack came on a separate plate, thinly layered by potato slices. It actually seems like a snail when you look at it from the side. You cannot fail by combining lamb and potatoes, here it was truly flavorful.

alt="Guy Savoy Agneau"My friend had the filet of John Dory, coming with a cooked sea urchin topped with an espuma. A few spinach leaves gave a nice fresh twist to the dish. The fish was cooked to perfection, and the creamy sauce was a great final touch.

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As a dessert, nothing better than a great classic of the house, the millefeuille. Let’s see how fares Christian Boudard, the pastry chef, at this difficult exercise. We loved its vertical shape, instead of the traditional horizontal one, it’s perfectly layered with a mind blowing vanilla cream inside.

alt="Guy Savoy millefeuille" My friend was not sure about her choice for dessert at Guy Savoy, so she went for the dessert tray. I truly love this concept. On the tray, there were many wonders: creamy rice pudding, cremes and generous tarts. Go for the lemon pie with meringue on top, you’ll love it. The good thing about the dessert tray is that you can have a bit of everything.

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What about the staff? I’m in love with Hubert, his deep German voice and the way he talks about gastronomy. Hubert is not my secret lover, he’s the head waiter at Guy Savoy. They’re all charming and very professional to be honest.
Prices on the menu at Guy Savoy are just like the cuisine, stratospheric. About €300 by person. But honestly, if you’re looking for real gastronomic food and restaurants in Paris, go to Guy Savoy.
To know more about the hours, prices and menus at Guy Savoy, click here.

18, Rue Troyon
75017 Paris
01 43 80 40 61

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