Tasting a pastry is a bewitching instant says the the great master Jacques Genin who captivates the crowds at his factory/shop located rue de Turenne in le Marais. It’s hard to know which one choosing, there’s literally a blizzard of options, including most of the traditional French pastries — éclair au chocolat, Napoléon, Saint-Honoré, and much more. But also amazing chocolates and tempting caramels. If you’re a real fan of chocolates made by Genin, note that he published a wonderful book on the subject called “Le meilleur du Chocolat”.
No need to hesitate and hesitate again when you don’t want to wait, just go straight to the salon de thé. They gave us complimentary ganaches and pralines chocolate to go with with the pastries.

Paris-Brest. I’ve never seen such a smashing pastry. It left me speechless. The halved ring of pâte à choux is filled with a generous layer of hazelnut praline cream and topped with fresh and crunchy hazelnuts.
The millefeuille — or Napoleon as Americans like to say — is finely executed. They are made upon order, the vanilla bean cream is not too rich and the puff pastry is very crisp.
We had a grapefruit juice as we desperately needed some vitamins to go with all the high caloric intake.

paris brest

Far from the fancy and touristy Ladurée, Genin is really one of the top spots to keep in mind. The setting is very classy though a bit cold. The wait can be very long if you want to eat inside, too bad because the space could accommodate a few more tables.

The terrible news came last January, Genin does not sell individual pastries to take away anymore except for millefeuille or if you order them in advance. You can still have any pastry for tea time though but last time we went, there was a 40 min wait for the tea time so we had an orgy of choux à la creme at the nearby Popelini to make up for that disaster.

If you want more info about the complete menu or the opening hours of Jacques Genin, click here.millefeuilles

133, rue de Turenne
75003 Paris
+33 (0)1 45 77 29 01

 + The creamy paris-brest filling
 + The Napoleon made to order 
 + The laboratory upstairs, guaranteed freshness
 + The Riedel glasses, beautiful
 + The ganaches going with the pastries

 - The long wait and the not so welcoming staff
 - The unavailability of individual pastries to go
 - Some disappointing ganaches (the honey ones and the vanilla ones)

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