L’AMPHITRYON, a fabulous gastronomic restaurant in Limoges


2 GrumOur dinner at l’Amphitryon was a memorable experience. We beg you to stop by this restaurant if you’re in Limoges (yes, that’s where most of the world porcelain came from before China got involved). Chef Polla makes a great cuisine, it’s fresh and goes straight to the subject.
I started with the black truffle risotto, it’s perfectly executed: creamy and flavorful. I loved the generous chunks of truffle on top of it. Then I had fabulous scallops raviolis, they came with leeks which added a great sweet note. Finally, I had a house classic: the Paris-Brest. I’m not exaggerating by stating it’s probably the best I had in my life.
All in all, l’Amphitryon is a great gastronomic restaurant in Limoges which will obtain a Michelin star for sure.

26 rue de la Boucherie
87000 Limoges
05 55 33 36 39

amphitryon à limoges

amphitryon à limoges


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