LES JARDINS DE SOPHIE, gastronomic restaurant in Jura


1 GrumLet’s leave Paris, and drive off to Jura. Where is Jura anyway? Good question. It’s a remote, yet beautiful, region on the very east of France. It’s hardly reachable by train, and it took us about five hours by car to get to our hotel.
We had dinner at Les Jardins de Sophie, which was the gastronomic restaurant (one Michelin star) of the hotel. I had the pigeon, perfectly cooked and with a well executed sauce (the kind of which you finish off with your bread). My pal was’t very lucky though: she had the pike perch, nothing to complain about the texture and the taste of the fish, it was greatly cooked. The issue was with the uber-concentrated sauce and the inappropriate side (a strange combo of spinach, pork shank and chanterelles).
Despite this slight disappointment, the overall meal was really great and ended off with a neat Mirabelle plum crème brulée.

• Les Jardins de Sophie •
Domaine de la Moineaudière, Route Du Valtin
88400 Xonrupt-Longemer
03 29 63 37 11

alt="les jardins de sophie restaurant"

alt="les jardins de sophie restaurant"



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