FRENCHIE TO GO: the modern adaptation of the deli in Paris


1 GrumYou could think New-York lifestyle is far behind us now we live in Paris. Maybe it’s just an impression? I have to admit we’ve been searching for a good lobster roll in Paris for ages. We had heard good things here and there about Frenchie To Go, the new take away joint founded by Grégory Marchand, who already owns Frenchie, one of the most acclaimed new cuisine restaurants in Paris these days.
The staff at Frenchie To Go is young and energetic, just like a Brooklyn coffee shop. There’s an open access to the kitchen from the dining room. Last word about the decoration at Frenchie to go, it’s very industrial but sophisticated at the same time. But let’s get back to business and talk about the food.

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Frenchie to go offers two American classics, the pulled pork sandwich, and the lobster roll. I’d have prefered trying the fish & chips, but there was no fish that day. In fairness to them, it was late in the afternoon (Le Grumeau is insatiable).
No regrets, we devored the pulled port sandwich at the speed of light. The bun was brioche like, made by Gontran Cherrier, and the filling is very appealing. The pork meat is slightly seasoned with spices and the red coleslaw gives a fresh and crunchy touch to the sandwich. The dollop of BBQ is a great addition too.

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But I’m more dubious regarding the loster roll. Not about the quality but because offering such a small sandwich at this price is criminal. I know the lobster came from Britanny, and it was well prepared with its butter sauce and the celery, but I’m not sure paying €22 for this is entirely worth it.
It was flavorful but nothing exceptional. All in all, it’s sad to prepare lobster the American way, in a sandwich, especially when it’s French quality. Don’t take my comments wrong, I love lobster roll but when it’s high quality lobster inside,  it’s a bit like casting your pearls before swine as the lobster flesh is overwhelmed by the bun and the seasoning.

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We have a clear preference for the pulled port sandwich which might be one of the best in Paris, and it’s reasonably priced at €10. Despite it’s tendency to inflate the bill, the lobster roll at  Frenchie To Go was also worth it.
Next time, we’ll show you Freddie’s Deli, another new take-away restaurant in Paris, owned by Kristin Frederick, who already dominates the burger scene in Paris.
If you want to know more about Frenchie To Go, the menu and opening hours, click here. You can’t make reservation, so you’ll probably have to be patient.

9, rue du Nil
75002 Paris

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