Food revolution in French trains: BOCO are now on board


1 GrumBoco is a well established food concept founded a few years ago in Paris, which recently extended its offers in French trains. Boco consist in fresh meals and desserts served in mason jars, nothing revolutionary but it’s tempting. As soon as we seated in our train heading to Brittany, we rushed to the food bar and ordered a couple of Boco.
Each and every Boco recipe has been made by a famous chef: that night in the train, we ate Boco made by Anne-Sophie Pic and Christophe Michalak. First complaint: the portions are incredibly small and the amount we paid was inversely related (€21 is quite something).
The pollock tandoori style came with black rice risotto and fennel. It’s actually very flavorful for a dish re-heated in a microwave. The caramel cream was equally good, I actually loved the caramel sauce though I found it too sweet. But sweet is the best thing against the cold weather in Britanny.

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