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3 GrumThe charcuterie Divay is supposed to make one of the best foie gras in Paris, and it’s homemade by the Divay brothers, Jean-Pierre et Philippe, the owners of this solid Parisian charcuterie. It’s not about haute cuisine here but rather about one of the the most accomplished charcuteries in Paris.
The foie gras is well seasoned, not too salty though I’d wished they had added another pinch of salt.
At first, the price tag might seem high to you, about €100 for one kilogram, but those who know everything about finding good foie gras in Paris know it’s quite a good deal. And this one is prepared well.

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Since Christmas is coming we recommend you to stop by this great charcuterie located rue Bayen in the 17th arrondissement if you’re looking for a nice gift. I know Divay also carries a large choice of traditional dishes you’d find in a traditional French charcuterie like the choucroute and the magret de canard.
The thing I like the most about this place is the family thing, there’s a real family business feeling when you see them all at work. And this is not a pun as their wives and parents are still giving a help. They told us they also ship their foie gras across France, it seemed so incredible to us that such a traditional French charcuterie would even have a website, we wouldn’t think about shipping.
To find more information about Divay, hours of opening, shipping foie gras in Paris or elsewhere, click here.

4 Rue Bayen
75017 Paris
01 43 80 16 97

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