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3 GrumGetting a table for brunch at Five Leaves is nothing short of miracle somedays. This restaurant located between Greenpoint and Williamsburg has been subject of much hype since its opening a few years ago. There’s no reservation possible for brunch so you’ll have to leave your name on the list and wait for long minutes before getting a sit, except if you come early.
The space inside is really charming, and the industrious tables make for a great and intimate experience. You’ll hate the Brooklyn hipster clientele and the stuck up staff with moldy attitude, but seriously the food is amazing and the vibe is not to be missed.

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We sat at the terrace, which is great when the weather allows for it, and ordered immediately a lemonade.
The staff is quite efficient though often stressed when there’s a rush.

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We ordered ricotta pancakes which are a classic at Five Leaves (12$). They’re truly gigantic and topped by honey butter. The butter was like a crack addiction and we obviously added some maple syrup. They were also big chunks of strawberry and banana which delivered us from a growing guilty feeling.
The dough is light and amazingly fluffy. We really loved the honey butter idea, slowly melting on the pancakes as you devour them.

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After this start off, we had a watercress, quinoa and pomegranate salad. There were also cucumber chunks and fresh cheese ($12). It’s really fresh and light, the pomegranate added a crunchy twist to the salad.

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We came back and had a shot at the homemade granola, with yogurt and topped with fresh fruit: it’s downright picturesque ($8). Once again, the portion is huge and the cereals are crunchy as hell. The best granola I’ve ever had so far – except the one we make obviously.

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Don’t be afraid by the wait at Five Leaves, it’s entirely worth it if you’re looking for a great brunch with a view on the park. It’s surely in our top 3 of the best brunches in New-York (with Du Jour Bakery and Extra-Virgin). If you needed another reason to go, you should know that Five Leaves boasts an investment on behalf of the late Heath Ledger.
If you want to know more about the place, the opening hours and the menu, click here.

18 Bedford Ave
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222
+1 718-383-5345

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