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Abri is my dad’s haven (I had to credit him for introducing me to this great place). Forget about Michelin stars, Abri is hands down one of the best restaurants in Paris currently. Chef Okiyama is a genius, delivering a brilliant cuisine in a micro-space.
From the appetizers — Parmesan cheese gnocchis and asparagus — to the desserts — chocolate fondant topped with an intense cacao sorbet, every plate was full of surprises. The price tag is incredibly low for such quality (€38.50). Needless to say that you need to book weeks in advance.



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Not far from Place de l’Europe, the Neva Cuisine is stranded in a neighborhood that used to be over-discrete. But every single meal at Neva was a true celebration. The leading duo in the kitchen, Miss Gonzales and Mister Tranchant are mastering their art: each and every bite brings you a crazy burst of flavors and textures.
Special mention on the desserts, don’t miss the Vacherin style Pina Colada.



• JACQUES GÉNIN | Our article •


Let’s face it. We’ve talked about Jacques Génin more than once this year. But he highly deserves it. Far from the bling pastry chefs (hum hum Christophe Michalak), Genin masters the French classics, especially the Paris-Brest. The halved ring of pâte à choux is filled with a generous layer of hazelnut praline cream and topped with fresh and crunchy hazelnuts. It left me speechless.
Don’t miss the lime tart with a touch of basilic, or the vanilla millefeuille which is a true hit. You’ll leave his shop full of calories but also full of joy.



• LE MIYABI | Our article •


Far away, in a rural Burgundy backwater, you’ll find one of the most exquisite Franco-Japanese restaurants of the country. There’s only a dozen seats, and it’s always full. Watching Chef Okubo cooking is quite something: his movements are quick, precise and gracious, all at the same time. What about the food? Terrific cauliflower veloute, sprinkled with onions; delicious braised duck with polenta; fantastic litchi panna cotta.



• MAMIE BURGER | Our article •


My Grandma always makes us sauerkraut and roast pork. Happily I’ve found another one who makes incredible junk food. Mamie Burger was there when I was craving for a burger: the meat comes from Desnoyer, the bun is flavorful and the barbecue sauce added the extra kick I needed. Special mention for the French fries, crispy and greasy as hell.



• FIVE LEAVES | Our article •

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Five Leaves is our go-to restaurant when we’re strolling in Brooklyn. When the sunny days are back, we always stop by the terrace for a bunch of terrific ricotta pancakes with honeybutter — yes this thing actually exists — and a fantastic salad.
The atmosphere is hipster, but not too much (it’s in Greenpoint after all, not Williamsburg). The staff is laid back but also extremely professional. Probably the best brunch in New York.



• LE TURBOT par C. Le Squer at Pavillon Ledoyen Our article •

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The Pavillon Ledoyen is where you’ll find classic but fabulous French cuisine, and it’s on the Champs-Elysées. One of the chef’s specials is the zebra-striped braised turbot with black truffle potatoes puree. You’ll agree with us that it’s a real pleasure for the eyes. As for the taste, we can tell you that the combination of truffled potatoes and a perfectly cooked turbot works perfectly.
You might tumble off your pedestal when you’ll take a look at the bill though (about €115 for the turbot).



• LE GRAND CRU VANILLE by P. Conticini | Our article •

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Conticini is probably one of the masters of modern French pastry. He’s famous for his reinterpretations of the Tart Tatin or the Paris-Brest. To tell you the truth, we’re big fans of his own creations, the Grand Cru vanille is simply marvelous for instance. We loved this tasteful and creamy dessert made with an intense vanilla cream and balanced by the smooth, delicate texture of the cake.
It’s entirely worth €7, would you dare to disagree with us?



• GWYNNETT ST. Our article •


We had read so many good reviews about Gwynnett St. This neo-American restaurant in Williamsburg was supposedly the future of American cuisine. Far from it, the flavors combinations were disappointing, and the products often badly cooked. The plates are only as pretentious as the staff.
Needless to say we won’t come back to Gwynnett St.


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