A FuirThe two founders of La Fabrique à Gâteaux started their careers at one of the best pastry shops of Paris, Gérard Mulot. That could have been a very good sign as we love Mulot pastries (especially his orange tart remember).
We were passing by the window of their tiny shop located not far from République, and the cakes looked so tempting even though they had this regressive and girly look we’re not huge fans of.

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We came inside quickly and the founding girls at the Fabrique à Gâteaux were very warm and helpful with us. We went with an all time classic, the chocolate chunk cookie. Once I handled the cookie, I felt something was wrong, it was quite heavy.
The other thing I disliked was the regularity of the shape, it felt like it had been cooked in a mould. The texture was clearly off topic, more like a dry biscuit. I was desperately looking for the softness on the inside, but it was dry as a bone. What about the chocolate chunks? I guess they must have lost their way somewhere in the shop, there were almost none of them.

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So is there an alternative to such a disappointing cookie? Yes, a few steps away, there is Café Craft, they make lattes and the cookies are stratospheric.
If you want to know more about the Fabrique à Gâteaux, click here.

34 Rue des Vinaigriers
75010 Paris
09 83 26 68 02

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