L’Epicuriste, it’s worth the detour


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1 GrumNot far from Montparnasse, l’Epicuriste is a great pick for those looking for bistronomic cuisine. The setting might not be ideal for a first date but what’s in the plate is simply amazing.

Gastronomic cuisine with a Basque Country twist

Stuffed piquillos were extremely fresh. The combination of red peppers with a seasoned cod stuffing works well and this south-west French classic is one of the best I’ve had in Paris. The grilled mackerel is another interesting option, it comes perfectly cooked with eggplant caviar and a suprising orange flavored caramelized sauce which gives a nice fruity touch to the dish.


L’Epicuriste, a bistro style restaurant in Montparnasse

Best dinner combo ? Colvert duck + porcini mushrooms

Winter’s coming and we all need hot and filling dishes. They have what you’re craving for at l’Epicuriste, think about veal breast with split peas. The veal was confit, and the whole dish has to simmer for a few hours, it’s nothing short of a good old stew.


Colvert duck is an unusual dish which is hard to find in Parisian restaurants, it’s perfectly cooked at l’Epicuriste, and the sides combined well (porcini mushrooms, smoked carrots and cranberry sauce).
The chef is not as talented for desserts. He’s generous when it comes to the portions but the we’ve not been impressed by the brownie cake and the chocolate ganaches. Honestly, the desserts are good, but they’re not on the same level as the appetizers and mains.


All in all, l’Epicuriste is a restaurant near Montparnasse that you need to remember when you’re craving for traditional French cuisine with a twist.

Lunch menu from €25, and diner menu from €33.

41, Boulevard Pasteur
75015 Paris
+33 1 47 34 15 50
Quartier : Montparnasse/Volontaires/Falguière

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