3 Grumalt="Entre deux Rives Paris"You’ll first notice the strong nuoc-mâm flavor and the cheap chopsticks. But don’t go away, l’Entre Deux Rives is not a dirty Vietnamese food joint. It’s actually one of the best Vietnamese restaurants we’ve visited in Paris so far. The decor is not fancy, but it’s very warm thanks to the varnished red walls. The food was truly azmazing and kept up our spirit for Vietnam after the Marou Chocolate fiasco.
The rice bean size dining room is supposed to be crowded with white-collar employees every day at lunch time but that night the space was alsmost all for us. We’re not going to complain!

We started off with the Viet sausages. Not too fatty and most important, slightly caramelized which made my fellow foodie very happy. It was the first time he was tasting this exquisite treat, a slice of Vietnamese sausage grilled for a few minutes in a skillet and served with sticky rice.
We also shared a plate of banh cuon – for my dear non-Chinese eyes readers, these are Vietnamese ravioli made of rice bean and filled with pork or shrimp meat, black murshrooms and onions. The banh cuon dough was mindblowing, very light and the filling is incredibly flavorful. Things started very well at Entre Deux Rives.

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alt="Entre deux rives raviolis vietnamiens"

Then we had the crispy crab’s omelette which was also a good surpise. This dish was definitely more spicy than the starters, but it was not overwhelming.
I prefered to stick with the classics as I had the pho. This is THE traditional Vietnamese soup with vermicelli noodles and beef, with coriander on the top. The broth was very intense, almost a concentrate but it’s how I like it. The meat was tender, slightly pink. I ate it like the Viets do: greedily and splashing my table fellows with the broth. Eating a noodle soup with chopsticks is not that easy.

alt="Entre deux Rives Paris"

alt="Entre deux Rives pho"

We really loved Entre Deux Rives, at least for dinner. We’ll strive to come back for lunch someday, the atmoshpere should be somewhat different, let’s hope the pho will still be at its best.
alt="Entre deux Rives Paris"What about the prices ? Entre Deux Rives is very inexpensive to say the least, it came out at about €20 for each (starter and entree), nothing to compare with the Shangri-La.
That’s really a good deal especially for those of you who’re arfraid to venture in the Parisian Chinatown located in the 13th arrondissement.
You’ll find Entre deux Rives’ hours and menus right here.

1 rue de Hanovre
75002 Paris
01 42 66 15 11

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