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1 Grumalt="Eileen's Special Cheesecake"Dont be afraid by the grim outside at Eileen’s store. This is a true New-York institution: Eileen’s cheesecake might be what Ladurée is to macarons; incredibly good and dense cream cheese batter over a tasty biscuit – yet too thin.
Yielding to a sudden cheesecake impulse after an intense shopping spree in Soho, we entered Eileen’s store and went straight to the counter. My friend, somewhat afraid at first, quickly felt better when he stared at the wonderful variation of cheesecakes in behind the counter. We sticked with the plain version ($3.5) and had an individual serving. The cream was amazing. We also liked the buttery graham cracker crust,but the amount was not very generous. But for such a price, we won’t complain. Next time, we’ll try the strawberry one!

For more information about menu, hours and prices at Eileen’s, click here. They also do special orders if you call two days in advance.

17 Cleveland Pl
New York, NY 10012
+1 212-966-5585

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