1 GrumIt’s impossible to take three steps in the US without running into a Dunkin Donuts. Okay, I’m exaggerating — although barely. Many of us despise Dunkin Donuts and swear they’ll never step inside such a coffee shop fast food. I used to be one of those.
But once, I decided to be brave, and I got in. They carry a lot of different kind of donuts, without filling or filled with vanilla or chcoolate creams. There’s also different kind of glazes and sprinkles.

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I’ll go with the traditional donut with chocolate glaze, for only $1.  It’s very greasy and the cheap chocolate glaze is generous. But the dough is doesn’t taste very fresh. Still, it’s not that bad for a fast food donut.
If you’re really looking for good donuts, you should cross the East River and go to Peter Pan Bakery in Brooklyn. Otherwise, Donut Plant is not that bad either.

alt="Dunkin Donuts chocolate" What about opening a Dunkin Donut in Paris? Not sure it would be successful!
T0 know more about the locations, and full menu at Dunkin Donuts, click here.

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