The first dessert bar in Paris, let’s try DESSANCE


2 Grumalt="dessert bar Paris"A dessert bar in Paris? Dessance seems like yet another concept for hipsters. But the chef is not an amateur: Christophe Boucher worked for Ledoyen and le Grand Véfour. He delivers amazing desserts like you would have in three Michelins stars restaurants.
As a pre-dessert, we had a quince compote with mulled wine. It was very vegetal but incredibly fresh and flavorful. Then I had a great Baked Alaska (or omelette norvégienne in French), the meringue was whisky smoked and inside there was a fantastic chocolate biscuit with a caramel sauce. My friend had an intense chocolate bar while the intense was very crisp.
It will cost you €19 for a single dessert (including a pre-dessert), not that high considering all the work and the sophisticated design.

alt="omelette norvégienne flambée au whisky"

74 rue des Archives
75003 Paris
01 42 77 23 62
Quartier : Temple/Marais/Archives/Rambuteau


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