The DAILY SYRIEN, better than l’As du Falafel?


2 Grumdaily3Saying that Middle Eastern street food in Paris has always been weak is an understatement. I should use the past tense though, as the Daily Syrien has been a great addition to that food scene in Paris. It’s not that we don’t like l’As du falafel, the most famous falafel joint in Paris but it’s a bit overrated and there wasn’t any strong contender. Located in the very popular and now heavily gentrified Faubourg Saint-Denis, the Daily Syrien mostly offers traditional falafel and tabbouleh.

For less than €10 you’ll get an appetizer, a sandwich and a drink. Amazing considering usual prices for street food in Paris, isn’t it?


For this price you can still expect 5 stars service, and a clean and pleasant setting (expect tile floors and wood tables). The most important criteria in judging a tabbouleh are probably freshness and taste. Both were easily met. There was sliced persil, fresh mint and diced tomatoes. Fresh lemon juice made up for a great seasoning as well.

The sandwich was excellent as well. I’m in love with the falafel, and this one fares very well, with the right amount of toppings inside.


55, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
75010 Paris
Quartier : Château d’Eau/Strasbourg Saint-Denis/Bonne Nouvelle/Grands Boulevards


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