Where to have a Cuban Sandwich in Soho?


2 GrumYou must have heard about the Cuban sandwich. I love this delicioux combo of thin pork slices, ham and cheese with pickles. The toasted panini-like bread adds a lot of texture. It’s really hard to find any in France, people love their traditional jambon-beurre.
So where is the best spot to find a Cuban sandwich in Soho?


The best we’ve had was at Cafe Habana, a cute Cuban joint in the middle of Soho. The wait is not too long but the delicious smell of Cuban food is unbearable. The service is super efficient, not very friendly though.


We also had the chicken enchiladas, which were excellent. The meat was very tender and the sauces super flavorful.
There’s nothing better than a Dark and Stormy after a Cuban sandwich, I love the spicy touch of the ginger beer which combines so well with dark rhum.


17 Prince St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 625-2001


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