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2 GrumWhen your last name is Meneau and you want to open a restaurant in France, it’s a bit like being called Kennedy and  entering politics in the United States: a lot of pressure and huge expectations.
Marc Meneau, a super-chef of Burgundy, helped his young son Pierre opening a promising restaurant named Crom’Exquis, where we had diner not so long ago. The menu was well-executed and the staff was warm and very professional.

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We started off with the cromesquis, a delicious croquette which was invented by Pierre Meneau’s father: one was filled with oyster and the other with foie gras.
The crust is perfectly done, and the inside surprisingly flavorful. We loved the contrast created by the crispy crust and the liquid filling.

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As an appetizer, I went with the soft boiled egg, greens, croutons, and bellota. The white was still trembling as the yolk slowly invaded my plate and the greens. The crispy croutons and the egg was a great associations with the bellota ham.
My friend had the scallops, which surprisingly came with a foie gras sauce. Delicious.

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The poached sea bass in a saffron sauce and fennel was not as mind-blowing as the appetizer but it was very well-executed. The fish was perfectly cooked, and we just had to regret the lack of sauce and the fennel which was somewhat unprepared.
My pal made a great pick with the poultry, lobster and estragon seasoning. This came with a stunning risotto. Who could think lobster and poultry would be a terrific association? Young Meneau takes a fresh take on French cuisine and we loved it.

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We ended off with a salted caramel profiterole. Pastry will probably not do the fame of Crom’Exquis despite the delicious ice-cream. The chou was a bit dry and heavy to our taste. You should go for something else.

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Crom’Exquis is a great restaurant with a talented young chef. The menu is quite expensive (about €20 for appetizers and €30 for entrees) but it’s worth it. It’s one of our favorites openings this year, a high end gourmet restaurant with amazing products. The staff was acommodating despite a few hesitations. The neo-bistro decor gives some fresh air in the corner of a very quiet neigborhood.
To find more about the menu, hours, and booking at Crom’Exquis, click here.

22 rue d’Astorg
75008 Paris
+33 (0)1 42 65 10 74

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  1. My friends and I had a marvelous lunch at Crom’Equis in May. I had eaten at L’Esperance in Vezelay and wanted to see how Pierre Meneau did, having had such a wonderful meal in 1983 that I still remember it all!! The son certainly deserves the pride that the father surely feels. What a lovely experience.

    • I feel ashamed, we’ve never been to l’Esperance yet. Reading your comment, I feel like we really need to visit Vezelay before Marc Meneau retires!

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