CROM’EXQUIS, we came back with La Fourchette


1 Grumalt="cromexquis meneau"Crom’Exquis keeps on keeping on. You may remember our fantastic dinner there a few months ago. We came back, as part of the big Tour de Tables contest organized by La Fourchette. [The best restaurants reviews on the website will be rewarded with exclusive gastronomic week-ends.]
We started with the usual cromesquis, a delicate invention of Meneau Senior. These flavorful croquettes were filled with foie gras and porto. Then I had flaked crab topped with whipped sour cream and caviar. The flavors combinations are precise and right on the point.
My friend has the asparagus, perfectly cooked but the chef was a bit stingy as there were only two of them. The sea bass was very fresh, it surprisingly came with french beans on top which gave it an interesting crunchy texture.
As desserts, my friend had brioche perdue, just like French Toast but with… brioche. I went with the caramel profiterole, the choux pastry was rightly made but I was more disappointed with the vanilla ice cream which lacked flavor.
All in all, we had a solid meal at Crom’Exquis. He doesn’t reinvent the wheel but every dish was well accomplished except for a few minor mistakes.

22 rue d’Astorg
75008 Paris
+33 (0)1 42 65 10 74
Quartier : Saint-Augustin/Saint-Honoré/Miromesnil/Madeleine

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alt="cromexquis meneau"

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alt="cromexquis meneau"


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