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2 GrumCoutume Cafe, that’s a mysterious name for a Parisian cafe. It’s part of a new breed of coffee shops in Paris with skilled baristas and good food. The industrial decor brought me back to my favorite New York coffee shops.
Unsurprisingly, Coutume Cafe draws a young and hip Parisian crowd. Make sure to come early since this coffee shop is very popular.

alt="Coutume Cafe Paris" Service is great, our waiter nicely prevented some fellow Frenchmen from sneaking in our table.
My macchiato was not really a macchiato but more of a cortado. Still, it was incredibly flavorful, nothing to compare with what you can usually find in Paris. My only regret is that it was served in a glass. A water glass.

alt="Coutume Cafe " My friend is not a coffee person, so she went with the ginger and thyme lemonade. It was slightly too sweet and I couldn’t really taste the thyme flavors but still very refreshing.
Coutume Cafe also makes great cookies. We had a chocolate chips and oats cookie which was pretty good, though a bit too hard. Nothing can beat American chocolate chip cookies.

alt="Coutume Cafe Paris " On weekends, they also serve a brunch which sounded very tempting. We’ll be back to try it, and we’ll tell you more.
Prices are a bit on the high side at Coutume Cafe but nothing fancy: €3 for a cookie, €3 for the lemonade and same goes for the macchiato. Also there’s free wifi, which is such a luxury in Paris. To know more about hours and menus at Coutume Cafe, click here.

47 Rue de Babylone
75007 Paris
+33 1 45 51 50 47

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