Lunch at the COPENHAGUE: not a plain vanilla meal


1 GrumBreaking new : the Copenhague restaurant in Paris will feature an exclusive vanilla menu from May 15 until May 29th. Not only desserts will include vanilla but also dishes.
The Atlantic cod was steamed cooked and with fresh tomatoes and a sort of vanilla vinaigrette. The fish was perfectly cooked, and it combined very well with the tomatoes. The vanilla added a nice final touch to the whole thing. Next, we had duck magret, very tender in the inside while the skin was crispy in the outside. The Tahiti vanilla didn’t seem very appropriate but actually it worked out pretty well.
We ended with the red berries carpaccio with a vanilla whipped cream, this is more classic, isn’t it? The fruits were very fresh and surprisingly flavorful considering the early season. The whipped cream was well done, but nothing amazing.
Despite a decent lunch at the Copenhague, there’s still room for improvement and we’ll be curious to come back to have a shot at the more traditional Danish specialties on the restaurant’s menu.

142 Avenue des Champs-Élysées
75008 Paris
01 44 13 86 26
Quartier : Étoile/Champs-Élysées/Georges V

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