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1 GrumColorova is a pastry shop and also a restaurant located in the heart of the 6th arrondissement, only a few minutes away from the Bon Marché. Founded by two talented fellow Frenchmen who graduated at the Ecole Ferrandi (one of the best culinary schools in Paris), Colorova has been the target of much media hype since its creation. The reasons are simple: the exemplary pastries and the incredible brunchs.
We went there for lunch, the menu was somewhat minimalist as there were only a few mains but don’t blame on Colorova: the pastries are the star of the show, and we could see a bunch of mouth-watering cakes from our table.

alt="Colorova restaurant Paris"

I started with an asparagus risotto. It was very smooth and not too sticky. The asparagus flavor was present though not overwhelming. The only thing I disliked was the size of the portion, I didn’t ask for the kids’ menu!

My pal had a quiche, this traditional open-faced pastry crust. This was more disappointing, both in terms of size and flavors, I was expecting something better than what I could get at my corner bakery. It was clearly not the case. My main cause of disapointment was the seasoning which was a bit bland.

alt="Colorova restaurant Paris"

alt="Colorova restaurant Paris"

But desserts were amazing at Colorova.
The caramel and peanuts pie was spectacular, light and savory at the same time. It was crispy and incredibly creamy. It reminded me of some candy bars geniously reinterpreted.
I went with the grapefruit and green tea cake. There was a panaccota style dome on top of a green tea shortbread.

alt="Colorova restaurant Paris patisserie"

alt="Colorova restaurant Paris patisserie"

We really liked the decor at Colorova, very 60’s or 70’s with hints of bright colors. It’s pleasant to find a pastry shop with such a cozy space. Too bad the staff was a bit sloppy when we stopped by, they misunderstood the reservation time and they clearly made us feel like we were bothering them.
But don’t be afraid, Colorova is still a pleasant surprise and I often dream about the caramel and peanuts tart. Prices are what you can expect from a pastry shop in the neighborhood, about €35 for the brunch and €5 for an individual pastry.
To know more about menu and hours at Colorova or to make a reservation click here.

47, rue de l’Abbé Grégoire
75006 Paris
+33 1 45 44 67 56

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