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1 Grum For many young professionals working in Paris, going out to get lunch comes down to going to Cojean. This chain was founded almost ten years ago by Alain Cojean and has been very successful during the past couple of years because it offers quick and healthy lunch menus on the go. There are about twenty Cojean restaurants across Paris, you’ll probably stumble into one of them during your journey here, should you have a try?
It’s always packed with young, and good looking white collars Parisians, but don’t even try to approach them and ask for a date, they’re usually trying to leave as fast as possible back to their desks. I grabbed a Thai salad, a toasted sandwich and a chocolate fondant.

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The Thai salad was a good surprise, nothing novative but it was fresh and the seasoning was well executed: marinated white and red cabbage, chicken filets and a sauce made of ginger and sesame which gave a nice tangy taste to the salad.
It costed €7, sounds cheap but not so much, as the portion was kind of small. Still, I should not forget that this is a chic fast food for people who care about the calories counter while I’m looking for generous portion whatever the amount of fat.

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The tomato and mozarella toasted sansdwich (€6,40) was nothing less than an improved panini, we loved the sesame seeds toasted on top of the bread. It was not sensational but quite good though for a chain that must make thousand sandwiches everyday.

Cojean sandwich

The chocolate fondant (€3) was the only fail of our lunch. It was bland and and the texture was heavy as hell. We won’t be coming back to here for the chocolate cake.

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You can also find several fresh juices on the menu, included green juices for those of you craving these strange mixtures. They cost around €6. All in all, Cojean is a good lunch option if you don’t have time to sit at lunchtime and if sandwiches are not your cup of tea.

To find all the locations, hours and menus at Cojean, click here.

11 avenue Delcassé
75008 Paris

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