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Forget about the coffee you grab around at Dunkin Donut every morning, we’re talking real espresso-based drinks here. At first sight it seemed imposssible, I stumbled in a Starbucks at every corner.
But you can actually find dozens of good coffees and nice baristas preparing you solid cappucino from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Le Grumeau shares with you guys his selection of the best coffee shops in New York.


We’re not big fans of Starbucks. It’s always crowded, a designer had the good idea to cram every New-York Starbucks in a 10-square-foot space, and the espresso are the most disgusting I’ve ever tasted. Even though you’ll have to pay a little extra, you’re often better off going to any of the coffee shops in our review.

alt="Grumpy New York"Grumpy — Despite the name, they have super friendly baristas. If you’re wandering in Greenpoint, you need to go to Grumpy: it’s bright, low key, and large. The tradeoff for all that is the location which is somewhat off the activity in Greenpoint.  Inside, you’ll find an interesting mix of mid twenties to thirties hipsters, freelancers, and locals. Coffee is quite expensive, with about $3.50 for their pour-over, but it may be the best overpriced cup of coffee in New-York.
I loved my lemon and poppy scone, but I’ve heard they have good options sometimes like a salt and pepper scone or a cream cheese muffin. Grumpy also have a nice location in Chelsea, which has a lot of character and a great backyard.

alt="Grumpy NYC"


Joe The Art Of Coffee is probably the most maintstream of the indie coffee shops in our review. Honestly, it’s a good compromise for those who can’t bear the snobish hipster crowd. They have a great selection of pastries supplied by Ovenly (one of our favorite bakery in New-York).

alt="Joe Coffee New York"

If you’re visiting Columbia University’s campus on Morningside Heights, stop by Joe which is located in the amazing mezzanine of the Engineer School building.

alt="Joe Coffee Muffin"


It’s hard to notice Everyman Espresso when you pass by 13th Street, just steps away from Union Square. This is probably my favorite coffee shop in Manhattan. The place is very cool: they have a big space, lots of seating to lounge around and very important, free WiFi.
The baristas are a nice and happy bunch, not really the kind to despise you if you don’t know what is a cortado. The price is on the steeper side but it’s worth it.

alt="Variety Coffee New York"


Abraço is considered as the best coffee shop by most aficionados in New-York. But the location is super tiny, only a couple of tools inside and a bench outside in the summer. The crowd is very hipsterish, but the barista makes terrific coffee and they have an awessome olive oil cake: not too sweet, moist, and with a lovely crust.

alt="Abraco Coffee New York"


I really love Variety, it’s just off the L train on Graham Avenue in Brooklyn. The overall ambiance is very pleasing: good music, warm baristas and the prices are not too steep considering the quality of the coffee.
The neighborhood is lively, less snobish and touristy than Williamsburg, and we love strolling on Graham Avenue where you’ll find a bunch of interesting shops.

alt="Variety Coffee New York"


Grumpy Café
193 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Other locations: Park Slope ; Lower East Side ; Chelsea.
For more info about the menu, hours and locations, click here.

141 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014
Other locations: Upper West Side ; Columbia University ; Lexington ; Grand Central ; Union Square ; Chelsea.
For more info about the menu, hours and locations, click here.

Everyman Espresso
136 E 13th St  New York, NY 10003
Other location: SoHo.
For more info about the menu, hours and locations, click here.

86 E 7th St  New York, NY 10003
For more info about the menu, hours and locations, click here.

368 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
For more about the menu, hours and locations, click here.


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