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Chatomat is an amazing restaurant in Paris which deserves more than a single visit. It is a pretty surprising name to a French ear – “chat” means cat and “omat” reminds me of a strange machine. Back to our business, after all the hype leading to its opening, we were curious to review Chatomat. Our visit rue Victor Letalle in Belleville –a hipsterish neighborhood in the East of Paris–gave us plenty of reasons to return. If we had to give you only one advice: don’t show up at the last minute in this very good French restaurant.There’s no prix fixe menu at Chatomat but prices are moderate: about €10 for starters and €20 entrees.

My feline pal of the night gets to the heart of the matter with home-made pasta and lamb sweetbreads. Pasta are great, not over-cooked, we’re almost brought back to Italy. Sweetbreads are, according to my partner, “soft, just golden and nicely shaped”. Chatomat’s chefs are genius when it comes to enhance products usually put aside by others.


Shrimps, peanut sauce, cabbage salad and potatoes. The shrimps are fried-pan, perfectly cooked, golden outside and extremely soft inside. The use of peanut is not the most obvious choice but it’s a success. It’s so delicate and subtle that I wonder why I’ve always preferred langoustines over shrimps.

alt="Chatomat Prawns"

Then the beef cheek and its baby vegetables arrive for my pal. The meat is incredibly soft and the sauce is tasty. Once again, this dish is delicate and even though I’m not a massive fan of meat I’ll definitely try beef cheek again.
But I can’t be jealous. My poached monkfish, beans and basil bouillon is almost reaching perfection. I don’t particularly like monkfish, but this one is poached which makes it highly tasteful and the basil touch gives it an extra kick.

I was grumpy when we passed the door at Chatomat — feline pal had totally messed up the car on our way to the restaurant — but I ended up with many good reasons to smile.
Blown away by the deliciousness of the meal, we end with herbal teas and small portions of creamy and not-too-sweet chocolate mousse. The dinner ends as it started, full of refinement.

alt="Chatomat Beef"Chatomat-Fish

The Chatomat is one of the best restaurants that you can find in Belleville, which is a nice neighborhood often underrated. The check doesn’t even reach 40 euros, a real bargain in Paris, for such high-quality and original restaurant. It really reminded us of Neva Cuisine where has lunch recently: a young cuisine relying on a dynamic duo in the kitchen. The only thing you need is patience since Chatomat is a victim of its success and always full. We highly recommend you book a table next to the bay windows, amongst the most quiet.
Run to the Chatomat.
It’s worth all the cars.

6 rue Victor Letalle
75020 Paris
+33 (0)1 47 97 25 77

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