Casimir, a great French bistro with a Brittany twist



1 GrumIt can get difficult to find solid restaurants nearby Gare du Nord, in the 10th arrondissement. We’ve recently stopped by Casimir, a bistro opened a few years ago by talented chef Tierry Breton. Most people are regulars and people in the know  coming for the fresh and generous French cuisine. The lunch menu is only €24,  which is a good deal considering the huge portions.  

Who said Gare du Nord was all about Kebab and McDonald’s?

Next time you come off the train (from London or wherever) and you feel hungry, think about Casimir, it may help. We started off with marinated sardines and a lamb’s lettuce salad. The tangy dressing – which must be made with lemon – combined very well with the sardines. My friend was very satisfied with his veggie quiche. Think light and buttery puff pastry with a potatoes and mushrooms’ filling. That’s heaven, right? 



Milk fed lamb and asparagus. The meat was very tender and cooked to perfection. It came with asparagus, which were still a bit crunchy at heart. My friend has the cod with French peas. The flesh was pearly white in the inside, which is always a sign of a greatly cooked fish. 



As a dessert we shared an apple clafouti pudding. This dessert specialty coming from Brittany is always a hit for big stomach individuals. The consistency varies depending on the amount of flour used, this one was a great custard like clafouti. It melted in the mouth and the apple chunks brought a lot of texture to the dessert.
Lunch menu from €24, dinner from €32. 
6 Rue de Belzunce
75010 Paris
+33 1 48 78 28 80
Quartier : Gare du Nord/Gare de l’Est/Magenta
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