Glady’s, memorable Caribbean food in Prospect Heights


1 Grumg7 Glady’s is a trendy Caribbean cuisine spot in Prospect Heights, a living proof that the neighborhood changes quickly and now offers an interesting array of food.

One of the best selections of Rums in the city

The easiest way to put yourself in the mood is to start off with a couple of cocktails. The Mai Tai is on the stronger side (rum, curaçao, lime and orgeat) while the Dark N Slushie will please the sweet tooth (rum, ginger and lime). They’re well executed and get really addictive, so you’d better order yourself food if you don’t want to pass out.

Jerk cuisine anyone?

Thanks god, the portions are very generous. We recommend you go with the delicious jerk selection: there’s chicken, pork and shrimps. What’s Jerk again? That’s a two step process which allow strong and spicy flavors, first a little bath in a spicy marinade, and then meat and fish are cooked in a wood fired oven.


We had a shot at the Jerk chicken ($9) and Jerk pork ($8,50). I’ve rarely had such tender and flavored meat, though it’s definitely on the very spicy side for our French palates. Smoked duck sausage are also worth trying, it’s definitely more fat than the rest but it’s like nothing else you’ve tried before ($12).
Any sides in there? If you’re looking for something to calm down your burning mouth, have some rice and beans, otherwise you should try the plantains bananas which were perfectly executed.



Incredible coconut ice-cream, the best things are always free

There’s no dessert menu at Glady’s, they simply bring you a scoop of coconut ice-cream with the check. Everybody love this sort of nice attention which doesn’t cost much. The ice-cream was creamy and refreshing at the same time, probably what we really needed after this spicy meal.

$ 11-20 open for lunch and dinner

788 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(718) 622-0249


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