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The name sets the tone. A few blocks away from the busiest streets of Williamsburg, Caracas Arepa Bar — a Venezuelan restaurant if geography isn’t your thing — gathers hordes of hipsters every night. I have to admit they have good taste, it’s simple but tasteful.
With its walls covered of scenic views of the Venezuelan capital, the setting drowned us in the atmosphere of Caracas.

On the menu you’ll find tons of Venezuelan cuisine options. We gave a try to the Guacaca & chips ($6.25), a guacamole that came with a generous bowl of tortilla and plantain chips. The guacamole was flavorful and the chips were crispy and had a hint of sweetness, which balanced well with the guacamole flavor.

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Then we had the arepa de Pabellon ($ 7.5) which has shredded beef, sweet baked plantains, salty cheese and red beans. We did not really know how to start the arepa since the inside was rather juicy but we didn’t think about it for too long. The beef flavors were delicious and the plantains added a little kick.
But one arepa is not very filling. We ordered a bowl of arroz con caraotas (5$) which means rice and red beans.

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The service was efficient even though they forgot our Papelon con Limon, a tempting Venezuelan lemonade.

Caracas is really a great place to grab a a quick bite or even for a real meal. Those who don’t feel like crossing the river to Williamsburg can still go to the East Village location, it’s the same but smaller! And the rumor goes that they are set to open a new restaurant in Rockaway Beach. Good to know for those of us looking for good food while sunbathing at Rockaway beach.

You can find more info about the opening hours and the menu here.

291 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
+(1)(718) 218 6050

 + No surprises, but very good food
 + Not expensive at all
 + The beef marinade
 - The rice, a bit too dry
7.5 Awesome
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  1. I live in Williamsburg, but I have never been here! I am going to have to go check it out. It’s right next to one of my favorite bars (Larry Lawrence), so I guess I’ll have to grab a beer-induced arepa soon.

    • legrumeau on

      Haha sure! You’ll tell us what you think of it!
      And Grumeau has to have a drink at Larry Lawrence.

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