2 GrumIt’s been over a year that the Camion Qui Fume, the first Parisian food truck is serving burgers to craving foodies.
Behind the wheel, you’ll find Kristin Frederick, who came straight from her native California. She sold her burgers for a while on a public market in the 16eme arrondissement before getting a truck and a location at Madeleine, only a few steps from the presidential palace. Le Camion Qui Fume has been a real success since then and she just opened a typical New-York Deli in the 11eme called Freddie’s Deli where you’ll find pastrami sandwiches.

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Place de la Madeleine. 11:45 am.
The line is getting bigger and bigger at the Camion Qui Fume. We shared the queue with white collars and tourists before ordering our burgers. It’s not well organized to be honest, we’ve waited about 50min for a burger. Not really a fast food. Some of my fellow burger fans left the line to go to the nearby Macdonalds, it’s tempting but we really wanted to try this particular burger.

I went with the classic burger and my partner for the pulled pork version. There’s no doubt, the Camion Qui Fume makes probably one of the best burgers in Paris: the meat was excellent, crispy on the top and tender inside. It came with creamy mushrooms and cheese to top it off.

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The pulled pork version was also well-executed. It came with a generous protion of barbecue sauce and cheddar. The meat was well cooked, not too fat and it held well in the bun. They did quite a lot of barbecue sauce and it could be slightly sickening but I’m being picky.
The fries weren’t worth the calories but they did the trick.

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What about the price? Each burgers comes for about $8, and you need to add $3 for the fries. The only issue with le Camion qui fume is that you have to show up early if you want to avoid the line.
Next time we’ll try the veggie burger!
If you want to know more where it stops, the full menu and the hours, click here here.

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