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2 GrumLocated rue des Vinaigriers in Paris, Cafe Craft is one of the best coffee shops in Paris. It belongs to this new wave of true coffee experts like Coutume Cafe arriving in the city of lights.
But Cafe Craft brings its own style to the game. Here, there’s a real working space coming with the good cafe, and we loved the minimalist and graphic decor.
It was founded by a French business school student who was looking for a coffee shop in Paris where he could work in. Since he couldn’t find it, he created Cafe Craft. Here freelancers can stay for hours with working wifi (a true miracle in Paris) and enough space to type comfortably on your computer without hitting your neighbor.

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We came here on a Saturday morning to get some work done; but as we looked at the price to pay in order to stay in the backroom, the work that needed to be done wasn’t so important after all.
It will cost you €9 per person to stay in the working room at Cafe Craft, this includes a coffee and wifi. It’s not exactly cheap but I see why freelancers who aren’t effective from their home could appreciate this place.

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But we didn’t give up and had a flat white and a cookie on the front table. The flat white is well executed, as well as in New-York coffee shops and the cookie is surprisingly good too. It’s soft inside and crispy outside, just as we like them.

alt="Café Craft Rachel Cookie"

I mentioned it earlier, the other asset of Cafe Craft is its decor. Designed by two rising stars of the French scene, Léa Padovani and Sebastien Kieffer from Pools, the space is quite minimalist and the combination of black and white is not oppressive at all.
All in all we highly recommend you to have a sip at Cafe Craft and to work there if working from home is a real problem for you. If you want to know more about the hours, prices and menu at Cafe Craft , click here.

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24 Rue des Vinaigriers
75010 Paris
01 40 35 90 77

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