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2 GrumI hate to say I’m addicted to the Brooklyn Factory Ice Cream because the staff here is really obnoxious.
There are only two locations. The first one, next to the Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn Heights, while the other one is in Greenpoint. I went lately to the latter one. No one inside to fix me a generous scoop. Ten minutes later, here came Mr. Ice cream dispenser.

alt="Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory"

I gave a try to the Vanilla Pecan ($3.5), being a big fan of Häagen Dasz’s own Vanilla Pecan. It was simply baffling. Creamy and flavorful. Not too sweet and the flavor of pecan was not overwhelming the vanilla.
I did not regret this late fall scoop. It wasn’t exactly cheap but for the good quality I couldn’t complain.

alt="Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory Pecan"

To know more about locations, hours and ice creams flavors at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, click here.

97 Commercial Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
+(1)(718) 349-2506

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