L’HOTEL PARTICULIER, a great boutique hotel in Bordeaux


2 GrumRemember the time when it seemed like we had moved in Bordeaux for good, the time when we openly showed our love for the new bistro style at Gravelier, and for the Alchimiste’s incredible cocktails. Well this time is not over yet, we need to mention yet another extraordinary place in Bordeaux. L’Hôtel Particulier is a hidden gem for those of you looking for luxury sleeping, you’ve heard about boutique hotels? Here is a great one.


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Located in a old townhouse in the centre of Bordeaux, we first thpought we had landed in the stuffiest bed and breakfast in Bordeaux. Far from it, the owners were well inspired to get rid of the old decor and put their own modern touch instead. Look at the sleek furniture, at these contemporary patterns and the luminous set up. We also loved that they kept the old assets like the wood floors and the period molding. It’s like heaven in here (except that it comes at some cost, about €180 for the Berlioz Suite).


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44 Rue Vital Carles
33000 Bordeaux, France
+33(0)5 57 88 28 80


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