KOKORO, a great bistro on the rue des Boulangers


2 Grumkokoro4Kokoro refers to the heart in Japanese, but it’s also the name of hidden gem in the 5th arrondissement. Ironicaly, except the name and the origin of the pastry chef, there’s nothing you could see Japanese by any stretch of the imagination.


The chicken breast comes filled with artichokes hearts. That’s real bistro cuisine, precise, and well seasoned as well. The chicken is well cooked, very tender. The filling and the sauce give much richness to the whole dish. The sides are not disappointing either: wild asparagus and delicious carrots.


Have a shot at the orange tart before you leave. The crust is perfect, and the creamy orange filling is not too sweet but not too tangy neither, it was topped by an interesting mix of meringue and marmelade.



We will. Kokoro is the kind of restaurant you want to have a few blocks from your home. Not closer because you would be too tempted to come back every night. I’ve just learnt they also have a teatime everyday, another reason to stop by.

KOKORO • 36 Rue des Boulangers 75005 Paris 01 44 07 13 29 Quartier : Jussieur/Cardinal Lemoine/Monge/Mutualité


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