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A FuirWhat amazing devil could conceive such a demoniac combination: two cookies filled with a thick cream? Yes, it does sound unthinkable for our French souls. We tried the cookie sandwich at Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea, a pastry shop which makes delicious cupcakes. The result of the cookie sandwich is actually deceiving. I know what you’re going to say: “you snobbish French people will never be able to appreciate the beauty of a cookie sandwich”. The filling was not very fresh and the cookies were very average.

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Tss Tss, the one I had tasted a few weeks earlier at Smorgasburg − the hipster summer food fair in Williamsburg − was actually much better than at Billy’s Bakery (but I did not take any pictures unfortunately, though I do remember the name of the incredible Brooklyn based bakery which did it: the Good Batch). Instead of the vanilla cream filling we had at Billy’s Bakery, there was a generous scoop of dense chocolate ice cream in the one made by The Good Batch, and the cookies were replaced by two incredible wafers. Next time, I’ll take pictures and make a a full review about The Good Batch.

Price : $2.50
More information on Billy’s Bakery menu and hours here.

184 9th Ave  New York, NY 10011
+1 (212) 647-9956

Other locations: Tribeca and The Plaza Food Hall.

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