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It’s all over the news, Big Fernand, opened a bakery-pastry. Maybe he wanted to regain control over the 10th arrondissement after the definitive closing of the hot-dog venue, Little Fernand? Or maybe the godfather of the hamburgé is chastening? Le Grumeau had to investigate the matter further.

big fernand boulangerie

A rather stiff atmosphere

The reception is somehow cold, nothing like the jolly welcome of Big Fernand. Is this a trick, or is Monsieur Fernand turning into a fop?

big fernand boulangerie

Behind the flawless windows, croque-monsieur, quiches, éclairs, paris-brest, pies, breads and other croissants are quietly lined up. It’s polished and looks delicious, but it’s so classical. Where is the usual eccentricity, so typical of the Fernandian identity?

And good, but ordinary, products

To calm down the nagging daze, I eat what I just bought at Monsieur Fernand. The baguette, called a Demoiselle, is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a delicious taste of fresh bread. The kouglof has everything it should have: a thin layer of icing sugar and roasted almonds dust the tasty brioche enclosing soft golden sultanas.

big fernand boulangerie

The raspberry-passionfruit pie is as impassible as its stooges, neither too sweet, nor to acid. Inside the crunchy thin biscuit crust, are nestled a delicious passionfruit crémeux and a sour raspberry jelly. Everything is conventional, but good. The result of the investigation? It very well seems that Fernand settled down to become a respectable Monsieur.

Prices range from 4€ to 5€ for a pastry, 1,20€ for a baguette and 4€ for a small 100g kouglof.

94 Rue d’Hauteville
75010 Paris
01 42 46 48 51
Ouvert du lundi au samedi de 7h à 20h
Quartier : Gare de l’Est/Poissonnière/Garde du Nord

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