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When I saw the queue of white-collar workers and students lining up in front of Ma Kitchen, I thought I would come back later to try this Korean address. Even though I like bibimbaps a lot, it seemed too long a wait for sautéed vegetables and rice. Apparently, there is always a crowd in this restaurant, and after trying it, I understand why!

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A colorful bibimbap…

The bibimbaps prepared by the 3 Korean girls of Ma Kitchen are tasty, light and filling altogether. A healthy lunch option! Made of rice covered by beans, carrots, red and white cabbage, lentils and zucchinis, the bibimbap is varied and colorful. Among the 5 or 6 choices of toppings, I opt for the hake in curry and coconut sauce. The large slice of fish is tender and the curry sauce tasty without being too spicy.

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…And a lacklustre dessert

For dessert, I can’t resist the classic lemon pie. If the biscuit is generous and the meltingly soft meringue is as chewy as it should be, the pie could do with an additional dash of lemon and acidity. It is a pity that the sweet part is not as good as the savoury one. Never mind! Next time I will try one of the attractive crumbles or raspberry pies.

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Don’t be put off by the line around lunchtime, the service is speedy but cheerful, and the delicious bibimbap of Ma Kitchen is well worth a few minutes of patience!

Prices are 9,5€ for a bibimbap, and 12,5€ for a bibimbap and dessert.

85 Rue d’Hauteville
75010 Paris
Open Monday to Friday, from 12 AM to 15 PM
Quartier : Poissonnière/Gare du Nord/Garde l’Est/Cadet

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