During our getaway week-end, we looked out for the best coffeeshops in Lyon. Don’t think the city is all about traditional French food and bouchons. There’s much more beneath the surface when you scratch it.

La Bicycletterie, it’s worth the ride

La Bicycletterie is our favorite. Ideally located not far from the Hotel de Ville, it’s not only a coffeeshop but also a bikeshop. The decoration is really neat, there’s free wifi and most important the cakes are to die for.
We went for a carrot cake and a cappucino. The cake was perfectly well executed: texture not too chewy and delicate flavors, that’s all we needed. You’ll also find a few more British specialties like the lemon cake which was really tempting. Be careful, there’s limited seating.

alt="best coffeeshops in lyon"

alt="best coffeeshops in lyon"

16 Rue Romarin
69001 Lyon

Mokxa, specialty coffee in Lyon

Next, we went to Mokxa which is probably the best coffee supplier in Lyon. They select and burn coffee beans themselves. Many coffeeshops and restaurants in Lyon proudly advertise their coffees are from Mokxa.
There are only a few seatings in the shop but we managed to sit for a cappuccino and a delicious cookie sandwich. Inside the praline cookie, there was a thick peanut butter cream. It was the best combination with a well executed cappucino, which was extremely flavorful with a hint of acidity.

alt="best coffeeshops in lyon"

3 Rue de l’Abbé Rozier
69001 Lyon


alt="best coffeeshops in lyon"Little, good vibe and decent drinks in Lyon

You should also stop at a coffeeshop called Little. We loved our coffee break in the mezzanine.
We didn’t have room for a cake, but they seemed much appreciated : they have a large offering of cupcakes and other American sweets.
The sweet iced tea was above average though the coffee could be better. We loved the comfy armchairs and they have free wifi: the perfect place to get some work done.

alt="best coffeeshops in lyon"

30 rue des remparts d’Ainay
69002 Lyon



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